A defense of accommodationism and a misunderstanding (via Why Evolution Is True)

Almost every field of science was invented by a person who claimed to be a Bible believing Christian. Newton wrote more on Bible prophecy than on science. Yet according to Richard Dawkins, you can’t be a scientist and a Bible believer from what I have read. If he has amended his statements or I am misquoting him, he has my apology.

The point is that militant atheists scientists were the last in the boat and then they threw everyone else overboard, and like Big Brother, claimed they invented everything. The narrow mindedness of these people is disturbing. When human footprints were found with dinosaur footprints after a flood that scoured away the top earth in Texas, side by side, with the top layer of hardness that can not be duplicated perfectly intact, Nova sent a representative. He claimed he saw nothing that changed any opinion he had on anything dealing with evolution. What wasn’t reported is that he went to the sight and refused to look at the footprints, so he could make the statement that he “saw nothing” that changed is opinion.

Over at the Guardian website, James Hannam has appeared from the woodwork to argue that by critiquing the philosophical accommodation of faith with science, I am explicitly rejecting an alliance with the enlightened faithful to go after creationism: It’s popularly imagined that the history of science and religion is one of violent conflict, but the facts don’t bear this out. As the battle between creationism and evolution heats up, some atheists, … Read More

via Why Evolution Is True

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